7th Baltic Chemistry Competition

Kutsume kõiki osalema keemiaülesannete lahendamise Balti keemiavõistlusel – 7th Baltic Chemistry Competition (BChC)!

BChC tulemused arvestatakse valikvõistlusel.

BChC-l lahendatakse ülesandeid veebipõhiselt 2 voorus – 15–30 oktoober-november ja 15–28 jaanuar. Vastusteni jõudmisel on lubatud kasutada abivahendeid. Osalemiseks:

  1. loo kasutaja eduspace keskkonnas (https://www.eduspace.lv/login/index.php?lang=en)
  2. registreeru BChC kursusele (https://www.eduspace.lv/course/index.php?categoryid=1806&lang=en)

Detailsem juhend: http://docdro.id/76rvL90


1) Only the school students under the age of 19 (on 1st March of 2020) can participate in competition;

2) Competition is organized in two rounds:
1st round: 15th October 2019 – 30th November 2019 (40% of total marks)
2nd round: 15th January 2020 – 28th February 2020 (60% of total marks)

3) All answers must be submitted electronically at eduspace.lv website until 23:59 (Riga time, GTM +2) on the deadline day;

4) All tasks are provided and answers must be submitted in English;

5) Best participants will receive diplomas;

6) Problem authors are university students, lecturers etc. If you want to become a problem author, please contact the team of organizers. After confirmation of identity you will receive access to the competition as an author. You cannot be a participant and an author at the same time.

7) Multiple profiles at eduspace.lv portal are not allowed, profiles will be monitored by IP address as well. Participants with multiple profiles will be disqualified from competition.

8) Four best students from Latvia will be allowed to participate in the International Mendeleev Olympiad.

Prize diplomas will be distributed during the next International Chemistry Olympiad or Chemistry Olympiad of the Baltic States.

Download and fill participation registration form. Only those participants who will upload their participant registration forms until the 28th of February 2020 will be awared with prize diplomas. Students from Latvia do not need to upload registration form if you are using E-klase authentication.

Organizers: Kaspars Veldre (kaspars.veldre@inbox.lv), Nauris Narvaišs (nauris@narvaiss.lv), Olavs Rāciņš (olavsssss@inbox.lv) and others. .