Balti keemia võistlus: tulemused, ülesanded ja test


On parandatud individuaalsed tulemused. Lahendamisele on liitunud uuded liiged. Kutsume kõik üpilased lahendama BChC III vooru, läbida testi ja tutvuda RKO ettevalmistus ülesannetega.


On valmis III vooru ülesannete eesti ja vene keele tõlge. Täname Ove Oll ja Gleb Široki. Kui leiate vigu, palun parandage seda doc-failis (eesti, vene) ja saadke maili:

IV vooru test

Final round of Baltic chemistry competition (BCC) 2010 will be organized on 27th of February 2010, from 10:00 – 11:30. It will be multiple choice test on web with 60 questions and one correct answer to each question.

Time limit will be se to 60 minutes. Each question will be awarded with 1 point and points gained for test will be added to points received for first three rounds. Test will be available from 10:00 till 11:30 (Latvian winter time). Please make sure that you have reliable internet connection on that time. To introduce you with test program and to test it for possible failures official tryout session will be held form 12.02.2010. till 22.02.2010. 13:00. If test will not be successful it will be repeated. Please follow information on your local BCC page.

In tryout session 10 questions is provided. Each question has one correct answer. Time limit for tryout is 12 minutes.

To perform tryout test YOU MUST to enroll in Use one of 1000 registration codes provided. If code does not work it means that someone has used it, please choose another. Only students applied for test till 22.02.2010. 13:00 (Latvian time) will be allowed to take part in FINAL ROUND. All students applied for test without participation at least in one of first three rounds will be deleted after 22.02.2010.

For the best result in tryout test one student will be awarded with one extra point. If two or more students will receive equal amount of points, then this extra point will be given to student who will do test in shortest time.

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